Sci-Fi By Date By Popularity
Image The Island of Doctor Moreau
H. G. Wells
Image The Invisible Man
H. G. Wells
Image A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Mark Twain
Image Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
E. A. Abbott
Image A Journey in Other Worlds
J. J. Astor
Image When the World Shook
H. R. Haggard
Image The Land of the Changing Sun
W. N. Harben
Image The Moon Pool
Abraham Merritt
Image The Great War Syndicate
Frank Stockton
Image The First Men In The Moon
H. G. Wells
Image The Coming Race
E. B. Lytton
Image Erewhon
Samuel Butler
Image Frankenstein
Mary Shelley
Image Herland
Charlotte Gilman
Image The Time Machine
H. G. Wells
Image Gulliver's Travels
Jonathan Swift
Image A Voyage to Arcturus
David Lindsay
Image The War of the Worlds
H. G. Wells
Image Looking Backward From 2000 to 1887
Edward Bellamy


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