About Web-Books.Com

"Web-books.com" was founded in 1998 by Frank Lee who also owns bsonbooks.com, and geon.us.

EPUB Books

Frank was initially enthusiastic about the EPUB format because it was intended to be a standard ebook format. Unfortunately, more than ten years since its inception in September 2007, the format is still far from a world standard. Currently, the largest ebook store, Amazon, does not use the EPUB format. In its newest version, EPUB 3, advanced features such as MathML has been specified. However, implementation of this feature by ebook readers (viewers) is not a simple matter. To date, even the Amazon's Kindle Reader still cannot render MathML codes into mathematical equations. They resolve to use images for equations. This is not only inconvenient, but also increase ebook file size dramatically. The two major websites that create free textbooks, OpenStax and LibreTexts, offer the PDF format for download, not EPUB, because no EPUB reader can render the complex formatting in textbooks properly, let alone the mathematical expressions and dynamic features in many textbooks.

The EPUB format has reached a dilemma. If we want to make an EPUB book, should we use the old EPUB2 that lacks advanced features (math, interactive and animation), or the new EPUB3 that no application can get it right? The failure of EPUB3 has forced Apple's iBooks to use a proprietary iBook format (IBA) for advanced features. Another disadvantage of EPUB is related to the develolment of reading applications. Web APP is far superior to the traditional Native APP (learn more). However, it relies on a programming language called "javascript" which is extremely slow in unzipping a file while the EPUB book happens to be a zip file.

BSON Books

In 2014, while Frank was developing a Web APP for reading EPUB books, he was very frustrated with the speed of unzipping the .epub file. For a textbook that contains hundreds of images, the javascript will run forever and eventually stops by the browser. This could be one of the reasons why Kobo and Barnes and Noble abandoned the development of Web APP for reading EPUB books (reference). In September, 2014, Frank discovered that the decoding of BSON files is many times faster than the unzip of EPUB files. Therefore, he decided to abandon the EPUB format, and continued to develop a Web APP for reading BSON books.

The Web APP is based on HTML5. Many of its features were not implemented by mobile devices in 2014. As a result, the original version of BSON Books Viewer was not satisfactory. Even worse, the specification of HTML5 for offline reading was changed in subsequent years, during this period of time Frank was busy with formulating his "Geon Hypothesis" for the mind and soul (see geon.us). This made the BSON Books Viewer virtually non-functional between 2016 and 2020. In October 2020, the project for geon.us was largely complete, Frank had the time to re-focus on the BSON Books Viewer. By this time, all major features of HTML5 have been implemented in both laptops and mobile devices. On December 1, 2020, the new BSON Books Viewer was born. IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!


Last updated: December 2, 2020